December Goals

It’s the end of the year. December always feels like a little bit of the closing of a chapter, doesn’t it? The end of the semester, the end of the year. But this year, it’s so much more.
The end of my college life.
December Goals
My parents laugh at me (in a loving way) because I’m having a long-term freak-out over this fact. But it’s a big deal. Most of my friends are still in college, and I’ll be leaving them all there. In Huntsville. While I move back to DFW.
Life just does not stop.
Either way, this month has lots happening, and I’m really glad that I take the time to write out goals every month to stay on top of things. Accountability is important.
Last month saw lots of school projects, and three trips home. I went home at the end of October (and into November) to celebrate my dad’s birthday, again two weeks later to celebrate my birthday, and again a week and a half after that to celebrate Thanksgiving.
I also released my first book, The Assassin. It’s such a crazy adventure. I also did a few press things for the book (including a four part podcast, which you can listen to here). While I love the creativity behind writing and seeing all this hard work paying off, sometimes I wish I could balance that and blogging a bit better. With school ending and a new job (hopefully) beginning in January, I wonder what the balance will be like after that.
Speaking of jobs, I interviewed for two internships. I don’t know if I’ll get either one, but I feel pretty good about my interviews. Interviewing really is a fine art.
With that being said, let’s take a look at my goals for November.
NANOWRIMO. I’m working on the second draft of Double Played.
release The Assassin.
continue applying for jobs
-stay updated on hours for Priority One
-get ahead on blog posts
-finish website for Laura Teagan. like, soon.
-stay focused on school. This is the last time I ever have to worry about this.
I knew that I wasn’t going to finish NaNoWriMo. That was a given. I was basically behind on NaNoWriMo before I even woke up on November 1st. I spent a lot of Thanksgiving break catching up, and I’m feeling really good about this draft.
I also knew I probably wouldn’t get ahead on blog posts, but a girl can dream. As I work with more companies on sponsored posts, a lot of these things don’t get approved until the day before, so I can’t actually get them done way in advance like I like to.
Besides that, I actually did pretty well on my goals this month. I broke the cycle of finishing half and not finishing the other half. Success!
Now, for this month.
-Finish Double Played
begin edits on Double Played
rock all my presentations this week
-do well on my one final next week
-pack up and move home
-enjoy graduation
-get ahead on those blog posts
-get an internship offer
-Christmas gifts for people
That seems like a pretty solid list, doesn’t it?
What do you hope to accomplish this month?

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