Airtime & Alibis

airtime and alibis

Emily Burnet is a journalist with a knack for being nosy. When a former college classmate goes missing, Emily makes a bargain with a local cop to uncover what happened to her one-time competitor. 

airtime and alibis
book 1
The emily burnet series
published: april 2019

Airtime and Alibis

Emily Burnet has covered some high-profile stories in her time as a reporter, but she’s never come across a story this personal. It’s been six years since Emily last saw Claire Scott in college, but now Claire has vanished in Emily’s hometown, just days before the launch of her national talk show.
Curiosity has carried Emily in her career so far, but it might be too much when Emily finds herself bargaining with Detective Austin Cooper, the lead investigator on Claire’s case. She offers him information and insight on Claire, in exchange for first dibs on new developments in the case (and maybe some unanticipated sparks.)
As Emily tries to tie the woman she knew to the woman who disappeared, she realizes the bubbly journalist everyone loved was hiding a dark private life. Curiosity has helped Emily in the past, but this time it might make her the next big headline instead.


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Super fun, romantic

This is a super fun romantic mystery that keep me up reading late at night. I read it fast because I had to see how it ended! Pick it up and give it a read!!

-Tamra, Amazon reader

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