Bullets and Bylines

Sixteen year-old Anna Martinez has gone missing from her high school and the police know just who took her: her principal.

Journalist Emily Burnet has spent the last six months insisting she was in the right place at the right time when it came to helping Austin Police Department find national talk-show host Claire Scott. Since then, Emily’s tried to focus on her job – tell the story, not be a part of the story.

When Emily’s best friend, Rosa, comes to her, upset over a moment she witnessed between her student and her boss, Emily knows exactly who her friend needs to call – Detective Austin Cooper.

Emily makes a deal with Austin, one she’s made before, to be his source so she can keep Rosa in the loop and write the story for her job. If only keeping her feelings in check were as easy as helping her friend.

The clock counts down as they try to find the girl and Emily might have to make some long term choices about her career and where it’s taking her lately.

Bullets and Bylines
fun facts:

  • Bullets and Bylines is the second book in the series,.
  • This book was inspired by a national Amber Alert that happened shortly before I wrote the book.
  • This was one of the hardest books to write, in part, because it did involve children.

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