February 2024 Goals

I know that we’re a few days into February now, but better late that never, right? The truth is, I’ve struggled lately with so many little things and writing this blog post feels like a big accomplishment because I kept pushing it back. I’d add it to my to-do list and then not do it, add it to the next day’s to-do list, and the cycle continued for three or four days until I finally sat down to do it.

January was a month of feeling my way through my new job. My new job is very similar to my old job that I had from 2019-2022, and into the beginning of 2023. It’s a lot like riding a bike for the first time in a while. I know how to do it, and I feel it physically in my body, too, which feels weird to say but it’s true. This job is a lot of muscle memory and after four days of being out of training, I find myself reaching for those old routines from the last job.

So, obviously one of my goals for February is to do well at work.

But that’s not my only goal. I break my goals up into three goals, or categories, and build out projects to support those goals. Some are one-time goals, like writing a draft. Some are ongoing, like trying to take care of myself.

GOAL ONE: Write 100,000 words this quarter between my romance novel and ˆThe Girl in the Hay Bale*.*

Better goal would be 125,000 and the best goal would be 150,000 words.

For February, I want to aim for 45,000 words. I had about 33,000 words in January and that’ll set me up nicely to accomplish the first goal. Originally I had this goal where I wanted to do one 10,000 word day each month but we might have to aim for just one day a quarter. Whoops.

I’ll be starting outlining for the book this week, too. I’d love to have a draft done this quarter before I spend the next few on a big, secret project. I need a code name for the project but we’ll get there.

GOAL TWO: Grow social media accounts and email newsletters. I struggle with this one so much because I’m struggling with just having the energy to post every day and engage. Reels? Forget about it.

Good, better, best: 800/900/1,000 followers on instagram

Good, better, best: 35/50/75 email followers

I carved some time out of my weekend this past weekend to make up a new plan of attack to get rolling on Instagram again. That’s the platform that I enjoy the most.

GOAL THREE: Focus on taking care of myself and trying to get a daily score of 75 or more. Yeah, this would be a great goal if I tracked it every day. This is something I need to be better with, but I’ll probably say that until the day I die.

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