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February 2024 Recap


Twenty-nine days go by fast, and it was funny to me how everyone at my day job said this month felt long. I feel like it flew by, but also there were just so many things that happened in February. 


Write 100,000 words between my romance novel and The Girl in the Hay Bale.

This goal has crashed and burned hard this month. I went through a bit of depression at the beginning of the month and my writing has suffered because of it. I don’t have enough time to write The Girl in the Hay Bale before I start my secret project, which I’ve now dubbed Project Whisper. Project Whisper is going to be four or five parts, and it’s going to take at least a year and a half to complete all these parts.

I’m feeling ambitious about getting 50,000-60,000 words this month in this project. It’ll be a stretch but I’m excited about this project and ready to go to work.


Grow social media accounts and email newsletters.

I didn’t really do much of this but I did sit down and make some plans for content at the beginning of the month. Then I got all depressy and fell back. I want to have a week where I can create a bunch of content and just get it done for a quarter. I enjoy writing content but I just feel that I don’t have time to dedicate to it.

I still hope to make progress with this throughout the year. All my quarterly and monthly goals are really a breakdown of my annual goals thatI hope to get done in 2024. I still have hopes for it, I just need to figure out how to balance it all.


Focus on taking care of myself and trying to get a daily score of 75 or more.

I think I’m slowly making progress on this? I don’t even know anymore. I do know that my anxiety is much better than it was at the beginning of February. It was bad then and that helps my score increase when I’m less anxious.

February feels like such a blur of a month as I started my actual new job (aka, I’m no longer in training all day) and just getting back into the swing of having a job again. Besides the money part, I actually really enjoyed the three months I was off. I tried to make some good memories and relax.

It was definitely needed but I’m glad to be back working, now it’s just trying to remember how to do it all. If I was ever good at that to begin with.


books reads: 10
words written: 7,168

fun highlight of the month: Going to Taylor Swift Trivia night by myself and my team tied for second place out of 30 teams!

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