February Goals

Every month that I sit down to do one of these, I realize another month has come and gone. I’m that much closer to things I want and that much further away from times I enjoyed.
February Goals
No lie, 2017 has been a rough one so far. And I’m not talking about politics (after six months working in politics, I’m exhausted of it). The job search feels hot and goes cold and I’m tired of struggling for money at the moment.  Every month that goes by, I think to myself “I should have a job by now.” Y’all, it sure ain’t easy!
That being said, I have made way in other aspects of my life. I have no idea how much weight I’ve lost (maybe a few pounds), but my pants are looser and I overall feel much better on a day to day basis. My career and financial portfolio may not look pretty right now, but personally, life seems to be inching in the right direction.
January was a weird month. After working a temp job in December, I found myself at home for two and a half weeks. I’d go to the gym, come home and apply for jobs. Then in mid-January, I got sick of my little house and ventured back to coffee shops and finished Justice & Lies in four days.  It was the kick in the pants I needed.
I started another part-time job in the middle of the month, too, just to pay bills while I keep looking for something full-time. That said, I refuse to let January dictate what February will be like.
Let’s take a look back at January’s goals:


-apply to at least one job every day, but it should be more than that at this point
-land at least two interviews a week
-find a networking group to join here in ATX
-build my resume site (because I have plenty of time now)


-Finish draft of Justice & Lies
start draft of Hit List
finish outlining Hit List
finalize Hit List’s cover (Justice & Lies has a cover)


-brainstorm content for the website
-add new subscribers to the mailing list
-actually email the mailing list


-launch some freebies (I’m super excited about these)
-work on first e-course
-plan posts for Q2 (I have almost all of Q1 planned)
-write posts for remainder of January and February
-celebrate 3 years of Ginger & Co.


-keep going to the gym
-make yourself go a little earlier every morning (so I’m ready to get up early when I get a job)
-clean out my closet and purge my life
-file all my paper notes into Evernote
-start moving toward a Paleo-esk diet
Wow, that’s a lot of things to accomplish in 31 days. So, let’s do this, right?
Well, even with the best of intentions, I failed, didn’t I? I will say, despite not moving toward a Paleo diet, I did meet with a dietician who moved me in the right direction. Two weeks in and I can feel the difference.
I finished Justice & Lies, but I’m holding off on officially starting Hit List because I’m working on a different project. Also, my freebie opt-in series I have planned is on hold until I hear back from a specific company about a job opportunity. So, on to February.


-apply to two jobs every day
-land three interviews a week
-get a full-time job.
-resume website? Meh.


-start Hit List
finalized Hit List’s cover


-build up my newsletter subscribers
-write some content for the website
-send out a monthly update (I already did this yesterday)
-get some kind of social media schedule for Laura Teagan. She’s been particularly lazy about this lately (yes, I know I’m referring to my pen name in third person, just roll with it)


-plan Q2
-start working on an e-course (Need to decide which I want to do)
-launch my freebie opt-in series
-write all of February’s posts in a week
-write all of March’s posts in a week
-revamp social media schedule


-organize your “!toFile” inbox in Evernote
-scan documents you need to get into Evernote
-keep waking up earlier to go to the gym
-keep going to the gym
-keep inputting food information into My Fitness Pal
So, that’s a lot to do in 28 days, but good Lord, I need a month where all my goals go well. you know? I need control of something in my life, and consistency is my word of the year. Life is rough lately, but I have to stay optimistic.
What are you goals for this month?

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