February Goals

January feels like a bit of a haze. It was a month of sitting at home, looking for jobs, going to interviews, going out to network, going out to be a young adult, and making plans for the future, but knowing that at any moment, I may move.
February Goals
Job searching comes and goes. I’ve done a few interviews, I think I hit three in person? I’ve had several applications go unresponded to, but that’s just the name of the game. Right now, I’m just applying to anything I feel like I could make work. I will say, it can be discouraging when jobs label themselves as “entry level” and require two years of experience. Personally, it makes no sense, but what does the entry level girl know? Here’s to making more progress this month.
The book, Double Played. That too much longer than I anticipated. I actually just finished it last night, and because I’m sick, I really half-assed the ending. I didn’t want to, but I knew I would make it better in edits. Now, I’ll let it sit for a few weeks, and then I’ll dive into the edits. There’s already a list of things I want to add/improve upon in the edits round.
Blogging was interesting, too. When I uploaded my new theme, I had some issues with it, and it kind of killed my relaunch buzz. Everything is fixed, but I ended up going back to my old colors. Cobalt blue will forever be in my heart <3.
Personally, I totally failed on drinking 100 ounces of water a day. I need to do that, especially now that I’m sick (sinus infection, y’all). I have been doing well on my Daily Gratitude box, including the weekend pages of my Day Designer, where you have to make your own box. So props to myself for that.
Now, let’s take a look at what my actual goals were for January.


-Apply to at least five different places a week
-Have three in person interviews
update my resume after attending a networking meeting
-go to at least three networking meetings


-Have at least one 10,000 word day (currently scheduled for tomorrow) – I actually did two of these in a week
-Finish this draft of Double Played by the 10th
-start working on edits before sending it to the editor
-Begin pre-writing TA3 (still no title)


-relaunch! I’m working on a big redesign to go along with a new year and a big change in my life. I’m finishing up the final bits, but I’m really excited for it.
-get ahead on content
-start planning the calendar for February & March
-connect with some new bloggers
-participate in some blogging twitter chats


-start drinking 100 ounces of water again
-use the Daily Gratitude box in my Day Designer
-Mental Health Mondays (a new series on the blog later this month)
Okay, not too bad. The one that I failed on the most was blogging (oops), but I’m planning to change that. This month will be the month I get my blog life organized to a T!
Here are some of my other goals this month:


-Continue going to Networking Events- there’s one in particular that I go to on Thursday mornings
-apply to at least five jobs a week
-update my resume, again


-begin Pre-writing TA3
-decide on title for TA3 (this is more a hope than a goal – titles are hard, y’all)
-begin editing Double Played (must wait until at least Monday, the 15th, to do this)


-get my e-course started (which I’ll start as soon as I’m not sick)
-find a twitter chat (all the ones I want to do are at the same time I do one for my author handle, two chats, two twitter handles? Hard)
-rebuild The Library with new printable (it will happen)


-get back to going to the gym (I’ve been once since I had a stress fracture in August)
-100 ounces of water. and track it in Fitbit
-Lights out by 11:30 at the very latest, every night (11 would be better)
-Aim for at least 7500 steps most days (Fitbit goal is 10500, but I never hit that anymore)
-print these goals out so I actually look at them, instead of just storing them in my brain
I think that’s all of my goals for February. Lots to do in 29 days (yay Leap Year!) What are some of your goals for this month?

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