Fight The Fade

In October, I talked about how hard it is to maintain red hair, especially dyed red hair. Having just dyed my hair again last weekend, I’m back to the obsessive “MUST MAKE IT LAST” stage (aka, fight the fade stage) and thought it would be cool to update my “red hair care” post with what I do now. Some things have changed and some haven’t, but I was using the system I have at the moment before I went back to red and it’s super nice to have a system that actually works!

Fight the Fade

1.) John Fredia Red Hair Shampoo | I go through stages where I use conditioner and stages where I don’t. Right now is a stage where I’m not using conditioner, so I’m just sticking with my shampoo. I use it every other day, opting for dry shampoo when I don’t wash it in the shower. Of course, I was it under cool to lukewarm water, and then once I’m done, I stick my hair in a high pony tail so it doesn’t get direct exposure to the hot water that I enjoy after being so cold.

2. Herbal Essence Dry Shampoo | I was using “Not Your Mother’s” and while I loved the results, I hated the smell of it. So, when I found this and realized it smelled way better, I knew I was hooked and needed it. So far, I’m loving it.

3. Hair Detangler by The Gnarly Whale | This stuff smells so amazing and it works like a charm. My hair is knot central, so I just add a few spritzes of this in my hair and it’s so much easier to brush my hair out.

In the past few months, I’ve become a headband and bobby pin fanatic too. I used to just throw my hair up and let my bangs do their own thing but now, if there’s no headband, I have at least a dozen bobby pins in there to hold it all up.

What hair products do you use?

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