Finding Focus to Write

Howdy there, remember me? I’m Laura. This is my blog. I’m back to regularly scheduled programming after a two and a half week break to write ten papers, including a 15 page term paper that ended up being 18 pages. Now that my semester is basically over, I am back! Tell me how you’ve been!

One of the biggest problems writers face today is how to write without getting distracted, finding focus on your writing. Your phone, Facebook, people, pinterest, the list gets on and on. Distraction is a problem we all struggle with and it never seems to go away.

Distraction Crusher #1: Ditch the Phone

My trick is to put the phone on my bed. That way it’s close enough if someone calls, but not close enough that I feel then need to pick it up every five minutes.

Distraction Crusher #2: Off Goes the Wifi

Have a problem with Facebook and pinterest like I do? Turn the wifi off. It’s so much easier to focus when I can’t check my notifications.

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Distraction Crusher #3: Full Screen is Our Best Friend

If you have a Mac, use full screen. With Scrivener and full screen on my computer, it feels like too much of a hassle to change screens, turn the wifi back on, and surf the internet. Knowing that I don’t have easy, instant access to everything is a great way to force me to focus on the writing.

Distraction Crusher #4: a Drink  

Water is best for this, but you need to stay hydrated. It seems silly to think that water can make or break a habit, but if you feel like you’re tired and just not with it, try a glass of water.

Distraction Crusher #5: A clean desk

This one isn’t as important, but even if my desk is a mess, I need an area for my laptop and my notes, so I usually end up shoving everything to the back, against the wall.

Now that I’ve shared five things I need to focus on my manuscript, what do you do to find your focus?

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