For the Love of Books

For the Love of Books: April 2020

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Quarantine is a weird life, y’all. I talked last week about the funk I’ve been in, but if there was something I was not in, it was a reading funk. In the past two months, I’ve read a few books that I enjoyed and in the time that I’ve been working from home, reading has become a much needed escape in some ways.

For the Love of Books

Since the last time I did one of these, I’ve read five and a half books which feels like a decent pace lately.

I finished Golden in Death shortly after March started and now, Eve and Roarke are the kind of familiar I want so much right now. Only four months until the next In Death book comes out!

I’m still reading The Secret Thoughts of Women, technically. This was a book my manager from my day job gave me that I started reading about leadership and imposter syndrome especially in a work environment. Then we all got sent home to work from home and I just can’t seem to read it when I’m all alone.  So it has a nice spot on my nightstand to be picked up again when I socialize again.

After finishing Wife after Wife and Golden in DeathI dove into American RoyalsY’all this might be one of my favorite reads this year! It takes place in an alternate history where George Washington became kind of America instead of president and now his descendants still reign in the House of Washington. And just like real life where Princess Charolette will take the throne before her little brother, Prince Louis, does thanks to a law that was passed just before Prince George’s birth, this has happened in American RoyalsPrincess Beatrice will take the thrown before her younger brother Prince Jefferson.

As a royals enthusiast, I loved this book and I cannot wait for the second one to come out later this year! If you want a light and entertaining read, this is it!

After finishing that, I hit a stride where I read a book a week. After American Royals, I read The Couple Next Door. If American Royals was light and fun, The Couple Next Door was a roller coaster. I read the second half in two hours between work stuff and I think I gasped out loud about every twenty pages at that point. This was the second Shari LaPena book I’ve read in the past year and I have two more. Every book has been twisty and crazy!

The Wives was another book that had me going “wait, what just happened?!” It tells the story of a girl named Thursday (which I didn’t realize was her actual name until the end of the book) and her polygamist husband. Full confession: Sister Wives on TLC is a guilty pleasure show so this was perfect for me but man this book had so many twists! I could see myself coming back to this book in a year to see what I can catch on the second read.

Which brings me to my current read, The Silent PatientIt’s too early to see how I feel about it but I’m hoping to finish this week!

I’ve spent many nights these past two months on my balcony, reading books while cooking or when I’m not in the mood to write and I hope to keep that up. I just updated the reading list, too, so you can see everything I’ve read in 2020, 2019 and 2018.

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