For the Love of Books

For the Love of Books: December 2019

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No lie, it feels like December was a long time ago, not two weeks ago. Today is the day I pick up the keys for my new apartment and I’ve been so busy preparing, I had to go back to check what I read in December.

For the Love of Books: December 2019

Truth is, I read two books and one of those I read in three days and one took all month. The story of two totally different experiences!

The first book I read was The First Mistake by Sandie Jones. Her first book, The Other Woman, was my first introduction to Reese’s Book Club in 2018. Her books are great books to get caught up in and read super fast, they’re enjoyable and have great twists, however I’m not sure they’re the kind you remember for years after. That’s okay, we all need good books to get lost in and we don’t have the capacity to remember them all. In fact, my books are probably in the same category.

However I now own both her books on my bookshelf, so I’m sure I’ll be back for the next one when I stumble upon it.

The other book was Conviction, also a Reese’s Book Club pick. This one took me forever to read and I was so spastic with it that I honestly don’t even know what really happened. I would read the book and all the secondary characters blended together because none of them stuck out. This might be a book I go back and re-read in a few years and hope that I read faster and it makes more sense, but if it takes me a month to read and I don’t remember anything, it’s not a promising outlook.

Right now, in the middle of January, I’m reading Ender’s Game, courtesy of the boyfriend who lent me his copy. After this, I have a book I want to read from David Ramsey, but this month is really focused on moving. Reading and creativity will come in bits and pieces but I’m not focused on those. They’ll come later.

Tell me, what did you read last month?

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