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For the Love of Books: February 2020

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I skipped this segment in February for my January recap because I was sick and I read a book but didn’t finish it, so this is really a combination of the first two months of 2020.

For The Love of Books: February 2020

I spent most of January either packing for a move or moving. So my reading was confined to Ender’s Game. And then I still didn’t finish it in January, I finished it the first week of February when I was dying of a stomach bug.

After that, I quickly read Snug, which is a little comic book about Catana and her boyfriend (now finace), John. The comics are big on Facebook and Instagram, so when the new book came out at Target, I snapped it up and read the whole book in about an hour. They’re just so cute.

The two other fiction books I read were Wife After Wife and Golden in Death. in fact, I’m still finishing Golden in Death. Only about 50 pages left, but I’m close.

Wife after Wife was a re-imagination of Henry VIII and his six wives in the lead-up to the #metoo era. It was an interesting read to see what happened to each wife, especially the two who were originally beheaded (no one physically loses their heads in this book).

The book also tried hard (and for the most part succeeded) in creating Henry (called Harry in the book) as a sympathetic person, someone a little more tragic than Henry VIII who was kind of just a jerk.

I will admit this book took a while to get started, I personally find Catherine of Aragon to be a little boring (though brave for sticking to her guns) so that part of the story was a little hard to get through.

The other book I’m still reading is Golden in Death, the fiftieth book in the In Death series. I can only dream of writing a series of fifty books where they were consistently strong, that had real character growth and were engaging.

I’ll finish that sometime this week (maybe even tonight as I watch Super Tuesday coverage.

What else am I reading this month? Finally going to read this Total Money Makeover book I got for Christmas. I also want to read some of the books I have from Book of the Month, like The Wives, and The Silent Patient. Depending on how fast I reach those, I want to tackle a nonfiction book my manager at work gave me about women in the workplace.

She gave that book to me at Christmas.

Everything I do, I want my focus to be routines this month. So working on my books, going to the gym, reading for 20 minutes every night. I want to get back to that.

What will you be reading in March?

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