For the Love of Books: January 2019

For the Love of Books: January Reading Recap

For the Love of Words is a series where I recap my monthly reading and writing habits. In 2019, I’m spinning the reading section off into its own series: For the Love of Books. This post does contain affiliate links, which help support the indie author way.

When I first decided to spin off my monthly reading recap into its own thing, I was doing five or six books a month. This month, January I finished one book and I read half of it last night.

For the Love of Books: January 2019

Between changes at my job and changes in my life (I moved!) I spent most of the month crawling into bed and turning the lights out right away. I think between that and the fact that I was reading so much in December and November to finish the In Death series, I was a little burned out on reading and needed to give myself time to recover.

Either way, I read one book this month (well, I started a new one this morning so, really 1.1 books).

Books I Read in January

For Better and Worse – This book tells the story of two attorneys, married, who find out something terrible has happened to their son. Natalie, the wife, decides that the only way to get justice is to do it herself instead of waiting. She ends up getting her husband, Will, involved and the two have to make sure their secrets and crimes don’t come out.

I thought the premise of this book was pretty amazing, but about two-thirds of the way in, it started to fall apart for me. The ending felt incredibly rushed, like she was just meeting a word quota and it felt anti-climatic. I can definitely think of how this could have played out better at the end, but overall it was a pretty decent book.

This book was a Book of the Month pick.

So what’s on the slate for February?

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