For the Love of Words

For the Love of Words: February 2020

Just like For the Love of Books, I skipped this for January because I didn’t write anything and because I was sick. So everything in this post is really about both January and February.

For the Love of Words

There’s something scary about going to a book series and a world after years. I did a little bit with NaNoWriMo this past year in Cassie Morgan’s series but NaNoWriMo was indeed a shit show for me, so that doesn’t really count.

In an ideal world, I would already have my first draft of Justice and Lies done and be working on Hit List. I’m not there yet. In fact, I’ve written 1,000 words of Justice and Lies. I spent most of February working on the outline, digging back into this world.

I’ve just finished the outline this weekend and immediately went into starting the Hit List outline. During work, when it’s slow, I like to keep a copy of my outline on my desk and write down stuff in between work. I’m hoping to get started with seriously writing sometime this week, and my goal this month is 10,000 words a week. I’m also hoping for a 10,000 word day sometime this year, probably on a Friday. I hope.

I really hope to get this book out sometime at the end of the year, but we will see what happens.

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