For the Love of Words: Quarter Two Recap

When I did my first writing recap for 2019, I said I wanted to do these every month to hold myself accountable. Considering I haven’t done one since then, I’d say that didn’t work. That being said, this second quarter was an odd one for writing, as it was with reading and everything else in my life.

For the Love of Words: Quarter TwoFor the Love of Words: Quarter Two

The middle of March into April saw some big changes in my life, including a new car and a new job. I’m seeing someone a regular basis, too. I’m trying to go to the gym multiple nights a week. There are a lot of changes and I’m enjoying the change in life, minus the fact I’m still trying to figure out when I write during the day.

With all these changes, I got one draft done in the second quarter – the second book in the Emily Burnet Series – Bullets and Bylines. I started the third book again a few weeks ago, in the last week of the quarter.

I’ll admit, while I love this series of short stories, I’ve really begun missing the characters from the Cassie Morgan series and I find myself looking forward to going back to the characters. I think the reason I’m missing Cassie and her stories is the snark.

If you’ve read both of my series, you’d realize that Emily Burnet is not really all that snarky. That’s all Cassie is, and I’m pretty snarky when provoked. I’ve missed having the opportunity to express that in my writing.

That being said, I’m still fully in the Emily Burnet Series. 

With Bullets and Bylines, the newest draft is about 35,000 words. Cameras and Confessions is about 30,000 words but i’m opin to make it a little big longer as Airtime and Alibis almost 40,000 words.

I’m hoping to get back into writing this upcoming quarter. While I don’t think that I’ll get all five books out, I’m pretty confident I’ll get three out this year – setting me up to get back to Cassie Morgan in 2020.


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