For the Love of Words

For the Love of Words: The 2020 Recap

Looking at my goals for 2020, that I set right around this time last year, with hindsight (cause that’s always 20/20), I’m proud of myself. Did I get any of my major goals done, like publishing the next two Cassie Morgan books?

For the Love of Words

No, I didn’t get those done. I didn’t accomplish most of my writing goals this year, besides publishing the 3-in-1 Emily Burnet book and publishing that series wide. As far as writing, nope didn’t get most of that done.

However, I kept moving forward in a year where that felt hard. I went through a period this fall where I wrote maybe 5,000 words over months. That might even be generous.

Yet, I still managed to write almost two full drafts. I’m hoping to finish number two this weekend. When it comes to my writing goals, I tend to be overly ambitious and never actually seem to hit all my goals. It’s a struggle.

That was before a year of isolation and a freaking pandemic. This year has changed not just me, but my writing, too.

So what exactly did I write this year?

I spent the first half of the year writing Justice and Lies, followed by Hit List. After two years of working on a different series with a different main character who talks and thinks differently than Cassie does. A year like this, in a mindset like Cassie’s, which is snark on snark on snark, to the point it sometimes comes off mean? Felt right.

Cassie’s dark humor just felt like thing I needed this year. 2020 was a pretty uneventful writing year, just two drafts, and lots of ideas for the future. Always a dreamer over here.

There’s so much I still want to accomplish with these stories though, and I hope 2021 will allow me to do so a little more than I am in 2020.

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