For the Love of Worrds

For the Love of Writing: August 2019

August should be the last month of Summer, but I live in Texas so summer is still here. Summer might be here until my birthday in November (which I’m okay with). Over the past year, I’ve realized the seasons don’t really effect my attempts to write every day.

For the Love of Words

In winter, I’m too cold to write and spend all night curled up in bed (or did last winter, at least) and now that it’s summer and it’s brutally hot, I’m slow and sluggish and struggling to make the commitment to my desk.

You see, I am 1000 times more productive sitting at my desk than I do in bed. Last fall, I moved in temporarily with my grandparents and lost my desk. After dinner at night, I’d go into bed and stay there, huddled under blankets, reading.

When it came time to move, I’d lost the habit of going home and getting to my desk to get work done. Nine months later, I’m still struggling with this. In fact, last night, after a work event, I came home and crawled into bed at 9:30 and just sat there for another hour.

And that’s a part of why it’s taken me longer to get these last two books out this year than I thought (along with a few other things). But I made significant headway in August, all for the love of writing.

In august, I got two rounds of drafts done. At the beginning of the month, I finished another round with Cameras and Confessions. This might be the most solid book I’ve ever written from the get-go and I’m excited for it to go to my readers to see if they agree.

I spent most of the month working on Bullets and Bylines though and just sent it to my three ladies who read my books last weekend.

At this point, I’m moving through both drafts pretty quickly and suspect I’ll be done with writing for the year sometime in September. At least with books I plan to publish this year. I’m not sure what I’ll do after publishing Camera and Confessions, but we’ll see.


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