#GearUpforCollege with Office Depot

gear-up-for-collegeThis post is sponsored by Office Depot, Inc. and Her Campus Media, but all opinions are my own.
If you know me, you know that I love school supplies. I will never run out of school supplies. So, when it’s back to school time, I’m all over the sales.
Thankfully, has some awesome, cute school supplies. I was really surprised by how cute some of the things there are! For this year’s back to school season, Office Depot introduced the Divorga line. They have two sets, one is a gold and mint, and the other is kind of teal and pink. So, because I love teal and gold, I was in a bit of a hard spot for which set to pick. I ended up going with the mint and gold because I’m just not a big pink person.
I do love the carrying case that the pencils come with, though! I have a pencil bag, but knowing that there’s a cute case just makes it better, right? I also loved the stellar notebook from . It has a set of flags attached to it, and I love flags.office-depot-two
While I was there, I also picked up some more sticky notes (I love the new fully-adhesive ones) and a canvas pouch to hold all my sticky notes (I’m sticky note happy). Either way, I’m definitely ready to tackle this project heavy semester in style!
Be sure to check out Office Depot for all your cute back to school gear, and be sure to #gearupforcollege with them!
What are some of your favorite school supplies?

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