Twitter Hashtags for Writers

In social media, it’s always best to pick two platforms that you really want to stick it to, and do well. You can do most of the big ones, but two will be your bread and butter. For me, I tend to stick with Twitter and Pinterest as my favorites.
Twitter Hashtags for Writers
Lately, I’ve seen a huge growth in Twitter, in both my Ginger & Books twitter account, and my Laura Teagan one. I think a lot of this is due to hashtags. Next week I’ll talk about hashtags on Instagram, but today let’s talk about them on Twitter. I’ve got ten hashtags that you can follow to find authors, writers, and great advice for your writing career.

  1. #amwriting
  2. #amediting
  3. #writerslife
  4. #amreading
  5. #writetip
  6. #nanowrimo
  7. #indieauthor
  8. #indiebooksbeseen
  9. #booksbloggers
  10. #writechain

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Hashtags help get your tweets viability that you don’t get simply by tweeting to your followers. Use these tweets and own them. You can make lists based on them, save searches on them, and meet people through them.
Hashtags on Twitter are also used to host Twitter chats, but that’ll be another chat for another time. This week, test out these hashtags and see what happens.

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