How One Tool Gave Me Pinterest Back

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Remember when Pinterest first came out? It was fun to pin things and discover new content. I was a high school senior when I first found Pinterest (it was still invite only then), and I remember when everyone was ticked because the school district blocked it from the school computers.
How One Tool Gave Me Pinterest Back
Then some point in college, my view of Pinterest changed. Instead of treating it like a twenty-something-year-old, I began treating it like a blogger. And now, it’s my biggest source for traffic on the blog.
As Pinterest became more of a business strategy, I knew I had to schedule things. And thus began my journey of looking for a Pinterest scheduler. For a year, I used Viraltag, but it was hard to keep up with scheduling.
Then last summer I started using Boardbooster. The thing that really hooked me on Boardbooster was the ability to schedule pins from your phone! To be honest, I kind of hate using Pinterest on the computer. I rarely pin from the computer. So the ability to use your phone to schedule pins? I was sold. The pricing was great, too. On Boardbooster, you pay a penny for each pin, so for five bucks a month, you get 500 pins. At first that worked well, but as I began adding more content to Pinterest from my blogs, I quickly outgrew it and had to jump to $10 a month. Between that, and the fact that I was struggling to keep all my “queues” filled.
So, back in December I began looking again for a new solution. I’m a part of a Pinterest strategy group on Facebook, and they always talk about what program is best. A few ladies used this program called Tailwind. They’re the official Pinterest partner, but at first I was a little skeptical. I signed up for a trial, and I found I loved it.
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You can still schedule pins from your phone, but it’s done differently. I still have to schedule it on the computer but that’s okay. This year, I want to be a little more present in my social media scheduling (and I’ll talk about that very soon).
So, after a few weeks of using Tailwind, I bit the bullet and paid for a year with some graduation money. Another thing I’m doing now is trying to pay for things a year at a time. In college, I used monthly payments for things like social media scheduling because I didn’t have money otherwise. Now, I’m trying to change that idea – when I can.
When I was on Boardbooster, I always felt like I had to pin, to make sure there were enough pins in my queue so I was still active. I don’t know what magical mind trick it is, but with Tailwind, I feel like I have more than enough pins. By simply spending ten minutes at night on my phone, going through my feed, I can have more than enough pins for a few days. What used to be a constant struggle to keep Pinterest active is now a problem where I have a month or more of pins scheduled.
I still believe that social media should be fun at its core. Now, I can pin just about anything to any board of mine, and schedule it out.
Other features of Tailwind?
Analytics. I’m an analytics guru, y’all it’s a bit crazy. I love looking at the trends to see what’s popular and what I can work on.
tBut most importantly, Tailwind gave me Pinterest back. The enjoyment of finding new things. No longer is it just about filling a queue, but it’s about finding cool information.
Want to try Tailwind yourself? Sign up for a free trial here.

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