How to Write an Awesome "About Me" Page

If you were to take a look at your Google Analytics profile, besides your blog, your About Me page will probably be one of the biggest traffic spots on your website. For good reason, right? Your About Me Page is specifically where people have the opportunity to learn about you. But writing “About Me” pages can be one of the hardest things you can do for your blog. So today, let’s talk about how to write an awesome “about me” page.
How to Write an Awesome "About Me" Page

1. Tie in your “mission”

2017 became the year I realized my main theme in my blog was “organization for the creative heart.” My about me page features an emphasis on how I’m here to help you stay organized. My “about me” page features an introduction to tie what I do into the blog. So specifically, my about me page doesn’t actually start with information about me. It starts out with information about you, how about that?

2. add some personality

I have a section of “fun facts” about myself. Besides tying in how I can help you, they offer a little glimpse of who I am outside of the blog. It’s fun tips like these that often cause people to bond outside of blogging. You’ll also want to add a photo so people can associate you with a face. You’re more likely to connect with someone when you can see their face.
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3. give people more information to click on

I’ll admit that I need to go back and do this to my “About me” page, but one trick is to add links referring to posts on the blog. You’ll grab a reader’s attention and keep them on your site longer (which lowers your bounce rate).

4. Oh, and don’t write it in third person

This might be just a major sticking point with me, but I roll my eyes so hard when I see bloggers (who write blog posts in the first person) write their “about me” pages in third person. If you’re unsure what the difference is, first person is when you use terms like “I went” or “I am.” Whereas third person is “Laura went” or “Laura is.”
When you do posts in first person and your “about me” page in third person, it sticks out and it disrupts the flow of the blog and the voice of your brand all together.
I do have to say, I break this rule myself with my author website, Laura Teagan, but that’s because that’s a professional site. I drive people there from my books and I need to look like I have it all together. If you’re just blogging, stick to first person.
That being said, you want your “about me” page to sound conversational.

5. Entice them to sign up

I also need to go back and do this (about me pages don’t get updated as much as they should, do they?) but give people a reason to sign-up for your newsletter. If your “about me” page is one of the biggest traffic spots on your blog, more eyes will see your sign-up form. Be sure to give them something in return for signing up.
If you’re still looking for inspiration, look at your favorite blogs and their “About me” pages. What makes you love that blog? Now, don’t copy them, but you can take inspiration from them.
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