How Todoist Helps Me Get Stuff Done

If you’ve read the blog before, you probably know how much I love Evernote. Hands down, it’s one of my favorite apps. But, it’s not my favorite, favorite app. That designation would go to a little productivity app called Todoist.
How Todoist Helps Me Get Stuff Done
I’ve mentioned this app before, but I felt like it was time to dedicate a whole post to it, because I use it constantly. Todoist is a to-do list app, and I’ve tried just about every one out there. Todoist is simple, but so effective.
Like other to-do list apps, you break Todoist up with projects. Here’s a look at some of my projects. I’m OCD in the way that I break projects up into sub-projects, and even more sub-projects. #alltheprojects
Todoist Projects
I also have projects for personal things, a shopping list, projects for every class in school, and things to do for work. Just about everything goes into Todoist. I love this program so much that I’m a premium member, which gives me access to a little tool called Karma.
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Karma is a points system that rewards you for getting things done. You have levels, and as you complete more things, you get more points and rise up in the rankings. Every day, you can set a threshold to reach and when you hit that threshold every day, you create a streak. So far, I’m on a pretty nice little streak, yes?ÂTodoist Karma
90 days, that’s three months of being productive every day. 16 weeks, that’s pretty awesome, too. There’s something about getting that streak going and the fear of breaking it now. I have to keep going. I almost feel like maybe I should bump up my threshold, but then I’m afraid I’ll have a bad day and miss it. I want that streak to keep going.
There are so many ways to organize Todoist. Some use filters, some use tags, but I don’t use either. My secret weapon is due dates. In Todoist there’s several ways to view your “default view.” Mine is today and the next seven days, which allows me to plan out my week before hand.
If I don’t put a due date on it, I’ll never see it. I’m horrible for checking things if they don’t have a due date. I also put everything possible in Todoist. A few weeks ago, I talked about color coding my life, and the color codes carry over into Todoist.
Besides my planner, Todoist is the most critical part of my process in getting things done. I pay for premium, but even if you use the free version, I suggest jumping all in to get the most out of this program.

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