I Used to be a Lifestyle Blogger

Let’s go back to 2014, when I was just 21 years old. Actually, wait. Most of 2014 I was only 20, but why do I want to go back? Life was a little simpler back then, with college and a part-time job. I also had a little blog, where I used to be a lifestyle blogger.

Lifestyle blogging can be a catch-all when a blogger discusses just about anything, from decorations in your home to your period protection preferences. While my blog, ginger and co., probably peaked in about 2015 as I finished college, I kept that sucker going until about 2019 trying to keep it going.

However my needs and reasons to have an online presence have changed over the years, and my main purpose now is to sell and promote books. I miss online content creation though, just for the fun of it. Writing is my main goal and mission in life, but I love telling stories that aren’t related to my books, too.

When I first started blogging, I wrote about topics like surviving college, or when you should start looking for your first job. Then life happened, I worked a bunch of congressional campaigns that drained me, became unemployed, and found myself creatively drained. I turned to focus on my books, but in a pandemic, where I spend so much time alone, I’ve felt a need for a new creative outlet.

My life has completely changed from the last time I wrote a blog post that wasn’t related to books, and part of me is wanting to write some of that content again. I want to share more about my life and explore that different creative aspect.

I Used to be a Lifestyle Blogger

For the whole time I’ve been blogging/writing, I’ve felt the need to segment myself. I write books, talk about books, and all my content should be about all the books. But that’s not a true representation of me, not completely. I’m like any other millennial who loves Target decor because I still live in an apartment.

I’ve tried to adopt a green thumb while working from home, I’ve rearranged my living room three or four times, and I’ve started therapy again. All of that has happened in the past year, but even before then I had years of lots of changes happen. Part of me always wonders if that’s just life or just the season of life I’m in at 27.

I think you’ll be seeing more of me in this space, talking about more than just talking about my books. It might be awkward as I try to blend more of “Laura” into this space, but I’m excited to stumble through this process. I hope you’ll stick around as I open the doors a little more.

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