Introduction To OneNote

Today, I’m introducing another contributor to the blog: Laney! Laney and I are practically twins (only a day apart) and we spend way too much time talking to one another about things like apps, which is why I think this is a brilliant post to introduce her to the blog! 

Today I’m going to talk to you about OneNote by Microsoft and how helpful it can be for taking notes! No matter what type of notes you take, how organized or how detailed, OneNote can be a great option!

Introduction to OneNote

I started using OneNote in October and I instantly fell in love! I had used Evernote before, but never felt as comfortable with it. Evernote seems awesome and how many great features, but I just couldn’t work as comfortably with it. However, with OneNote I was quickly able to learn the layout and adapt to it. OneNote, for me, is closer to my natural organization style.

It reminds me a lot of how I organized my binders during my first two years of college. With OneNote you create binders and within those binders you have sections. In each section you have pages where you store your information. OneNote truly is a digital binder and that is why I enjoy using it.

OneNote is available on many platforms, such as on your smart phone, iPad or tablet, and your Mac or PC. Availability on multiple devices and how easily it syncs, makes using it on your phone and then on your computer super easy. I enjoy the ability to add symbols and markups that help when taking notes.

Screenshot 2015-01-18 17.25.49

This feature is great for me because I use the check box for everything. My weekly bills, lists for work, and To Do lists. I make so many To Do lists, and I’ve gotten to the point where I have to divide them out between different areas of my life, such as school, work or home. I love how OneNote gives me access to them wherever I am. I also can print it out and have a hard copy. You can print any of your pages out. This could come in handy when creating a study guide for a big test!

Screenshot 2015-01-18 22.30.52
OneNote does not have tons of features, but that can be helpful. Here’s a list of a few easy features.

  1. Web Clipper. You can download a web clipper for your web browser. It doesn’t have as many of the capabilities of Evernote’s web clipper, but it gets the job done.
  2. You can turn your notes into PDF files. This is a great feature! You can print out your lists and notes.
  3. You can share your notes. They can be shared as view only or view and edit.
  4. You can password protect sections. This is great if you store important contacts, passwords or other sensitive data.

Do you use OneNote?

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