January 2017 Goals + Be Bold

Happy New Year! I can’t believe 2016 is finally behind us. And I couldn’t be more grateful. Since it’s the first week of the month, it’s obviously time to do some goals for the month, right? But first, I want to talk about some of the posts I’ll be doing this month.
January Goals
Last year, I participated in the Be Bold in 2016 blog link-up, and I loved it. So, this year, I’ll be joining again! Here’s a little more info about Be Bold in 2017 if you’re looking to join with us.

What if I told you there’s a place for you to share your goals for 2017? What if I told you that we are at our best when we have accountability- someone cheering us on, giving words of encouragement? And what if I told you there is a space where we can all come together, grow our communities and discover other fabulous blogs and meet fantastic bloggers? Well there is! But the question for you is, are you wanting to be bold in the new year?
I’m excited to announce I will be part of an amazing project called, “Be Bold in 2017: a blogging community to make your 2017 brighter!”
Be Bold in 2017 is a linkup for bloggers of all niches, genres and backgrounds to share their goals for the New Year and to connect with other bloggers. Through this, we can all grow our blogging communities and find cheerleaders and accountability partners to help us own our goals and make 2017 bright and bold. After all, blogging is more fun with friends!
I’m super excited to team with with Christina of The SocialButterfly Gal.net  We’d love for you to join the fun! We’ll post and link up each Friday in January, starting Jan. 6th. The themes and topics for each week are:

  • Jan. 6: What’s your “Word of the Year”?
  • Jan. 13: What are your blogging goals for the year?
  • Jan. 20: What are your health goals for the year?
  • Jan. 27: What are your personal goals for the year?

If this sounds amazing to you, then feel free to grab our button and link up with us starting Jan. 6! You can follow along with #BeBold2017 on Twitter and Instagram, too!

I really love the Be Bold challenge because it breaks everything down, letting me get more in-depth with different sets of goals. When Christina said she wanted to do the Be Bold challenge again, I knew I was on board immediately. The first link-up will be Friday, so if you don’t have your word of the year, start thinking!
Besides that, January is still a month with a lot to accomplish. I had a lot to accomplish in December and most of it didn’t happen. I ended up working a temporary, part time job at my church to help prepare for Christmas, and that took up a lot of time (more than I anticipated). But now that it’s over, I have to realign my focus into getting back to work and finding a full-time job.
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In November, I won NaNoWriMo. In December, I didn’t even write 5000 words. Oops. Most months are like this, back and forth. I’m either all the way in, or I’m not even dipping my toes in, and I need more balance. I need more consistency. I also need to think about how to fit it all in when I get another job.
So, now that I’ve basically admitted my goals were hit or miss last month, let’s look at what I actually got done.



-Keep applying for jobs
-land at least three interviews – half on this, I think I had two.


-Finish draft of Justice & Lies by December 15
-outline the next book, Hit List
start Hit List
Finalize new covers


-Launch new website!
-Start building up my mailing list


-get back on the blogging track
-start planning for 2017
-Brainstorm some new ideas for newsletters. I really suck at those.


-continue going to the gym. I joined the night before I was let go. Talk about brilliant timing. – I actually did this!
-prepare for 2017.
-Survive n Christmas concert this weekend
-go home for my old choir’s Christmas concert next weekend
-finish watching Cheers on Netflix. I’ve been working on this show all year, and I’m sad I’ll be finishing it
Okay, so I did better than I thought. But I still have a lot to do in January.

January Goals


-apply to at least one job every day, but it should be more than that at this point
-land at least two interviews a week
-find a networking group to join here in ATX
-build my resume site (because I have plenty of time now)


-Finish draft of Justice & Lies
start draft of Hit List
finish outlining Hit List
finalize Hit List’s cover (Justice & Lies has a cover)


-brainstorm content for the website
-add new subscribers to the mailing list
-actually email the mailing list


-launch some freebies (I’m super excited about these)
-work on first e-course
-plan posts for Q2 (I have almost all of Q1 planned)
-write posts for remainder of January and February
-celebrate 3 years of Ginger & Co.


-keep going to the gym
-make yourself go a little earlier every morning (so I’m ready to get up early when I get a job)
-clean out my closet and purge my life
-file all my paper notes into Evernote
-start moving toward a Paleo-esk diet
Wow, that’s a lot of things to accomplish in 31 days. So, let’s do this, right?

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