January Goals

January 2020 Goals

2020 is here and it’s a fresh start, a new chapter in this book that is life. After 2019, I’m ready to reset, realign and get back to work. I’ve taken the last few weeks off from really doing anything creative and just took time to rest.

Take last week for instance, New Year’s Day, with a little bit of a hangover (hello headache), I gave myself the day to sit in bed, play some videos games, and binged the entire series of Stumptown.

January Goals

January is going to be a busy month with working picking up and moving! Next week is when I pick I up the keys and start moving some small things in.

Having never lived on my own, I’m a little nervous but excited at the same time. Over the past few months, I’ve struggled with working after work (like writing) because my desk is in my bedroom and my bed is comfier.

In my new place, I’ll have a separate office area from my bedroom and I’m hoping that’s how I’ll get everything done, but not walking into the bedroom first.

That being said, goals are how I run my life, even if I miss them. Let’s break down my goals from last month.

December Goals


Personal Goals

  • Christmas presents
  • lose some weight
  • log in My Fitness Pal every day
  • Go to the gym 12 times this month (already have two days done)
  • pack your non-essential things to move in January
  • Clean your downloads folder out


  • Save your bonus paycheck
  • get to 100% at work
  • Make a cruise payment
  • No spending month (except for Christmas gifts)
  • Enjoy your PTO at the end of the month
  • I.P. Training at work?


  • Cameras and Confessions book cover
  • do the last round of edits for Cameras and Confessions
  • Publish Cameras and Confessions
  • add the book page for Cameras and Confessions to the website
  • Update blog posts from 2016
  • update blog posts from 2017
  • update blog posts from 2018
  • Evaluate social media tactics and schedule
  • clean up categories for blog posts
  • Check up on all signup pages
  • Get your author shortlink
  • Build your mailing list
  • Launch welcome series for emails
  • Get Vellum
  • Reformat all your books
  • Add them all back to Amazon

I feel generally okay with the accomplishments I had in December and something I want to personally focus on in 2020 is being more realistic with my goals. This month is going to be a lot of being in the moment and not so much long-term planning, which I think is something I do a lot with books. This month is about setting myself up for a new part in my life with new freedoms and seeing how I can push myself.

January Goals



  • Lose 7 pounds
  • Log my fitness every day
  • Go to the gym 10 times
  • Clean out stickers
  • Move
  • Focus on your journaling planner
  • Watch one movie every week
  • get your passport

Career and money goals

  • Hit 100%
  • I.P. Training (I already did this last week)
  • Save $500
  • No spending on planner stuff

Writing goals

  • email calendar
  • launch email series
  • 2016 images
  • check sign up pages
  • new branding
  • 2017 images
  • Books to read
    • Ender’s Game
    • Total Money Makeover
    • The Couple Next Door
    • The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women
  • Get your author short link

This year, in my planner, I’m using templates for my goals as well, and the pages I use allow me to focus on different highlights each week to build better habits too. In full transparency, I want to list those here, too.

long-term goals

Health and Wellness

  • 7 hours of sleep each night
  • 4 nights a week with no alcohol
  • only eat 1,400 calories at least 5 days a week

For Moving

  • pack and then unpack
  • donate 1 bag of something each week – whether it’s clothes, school supplies, food, something.

weekly goals

  • go to the gym three times a week
  • cook at home four times a week
  • clean up around the house twice a week (clean desk, pick up clothes, take out trash, little things)
  • read 1 book a week

daily goals

  • read 20 minutes a day
  • close your green ring on your apple watch every day

I’ve been intentional in the last week of checking in on my monthly goals every day and sticking to things that are on this list, especially with the move starting next week! I’m hoping with this new place, there’ll be fewer distractions and more discipline. I just have to get there first.


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