July Goals

Another month has come and gone, and another month of me planning to do a lot of things, and then miserably failing at most of them. Every time the beginning of the month comes around, I’m left wondering what I actually accomplished this past month. I want to be better about keeping up with my monthly goals, starting this month.
July Goals
Looking back through my photos for the month, I realized I was quiet on the blog but I was living life! My month started off with an afternoon at the X-Games for work (yeah, we got off on a Friday to go to the X-Games). I also got to go to a picnic out on the lake that was super nice.
The second half of the month was even busier as I went with a coworker down to the Mexican border to do stuff for a client. It was dry, windy, and a long day, but y’all, Texas is all sorts of beautiful, and Southwest Texas is no exception. A few days later, the A/C compressor in my car died. The day the compressor died, my mom was in town, but so was my bestie Jami!
We went to an event at the local Half-Priced Books about marketing funnels for indie authors. The conversation was by two of the Self-Publishing Podcast guys, so it was really cool to listen to them in person.


june recap
From Left to right: Jami & I; my coworkers and I at the X-Games; the Amistad Reservoir in Southwest Texas; Highway 90 somewhere in Southwest Texas, and Lake Austin.


-Get a handle on one of my clients. I actually help with social media for my company, and for some reason, this has been harder for me than other clients. I have a few ideas why, but I need to get over my mind block and own it.


edit Double Played
maybe begin plotting Hit List, which is the fourth book in The Cassie Morgan Series


So, I’m actually merging Ginger & Co. and Ginger & Books. That’ll be my biggest challenge this month, but for Ginger & Co. readers shouldn’t see much difference. It’ll all end up on the other side, but don’t worry, I promise you’ll still the same content here (goals, apps, career advice), but you’ll also see more information about my books
-Evernote mini course!


get up early. A few mornings last week were close calls.
-start walking at night
-cut out soda
-drink more water on the weekends
save some money
first student loan payment

july goals


-just keeping it up? That’s not even a goal, but whatever.

The book(S)

-finish editing Double Played
begin post-production on Double Played
begin first round of rewrites on Justice & Lies

The Blog

-Get back to an editorial calendar (I have a feeling once I move, I’ll have lots of posts involving that)
-Evernote e-course, at least one of them


-figure out a timetable to move. I’m living with my grandparents, and it’s great, but I don’t want to overstay my welcome
-find someone to live with
-go on some darn walks
-get my A/C fixed
-and then save all the money
July is already shaping up to be even busier with visits from family, work, and finishing up this book!
What are some of your goals for July? 

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