June Goals

June 2020 Goals

Summer is finally here and in Texas, that finally means a real reason to stay inside because it’s too hot to go outside. I’m not usually one to enjoy the swimming pool but I really want to jump into the pool because I can’t.

Instead, I’m still in my apartment, constantly telling myself I don’t need to rearrange the furniture again. Or that I should do some household chores.June Goals

Regardless of what I want to do, we’ve hit the point in quarantine where I’m over it. I miss getting my nails done, I miss being able to go to the craft store on a whim, I miss going to work. I miss date nights, I miss a lot of things.

Part of me thinks had I gotten more done in quarantine, I’d be happy for it continue, like losing weight, saving more money, finishing this damn draft, any of those things. But like so many people, I’ve had my fair share of struggles. I carried a lot of anger around back at the beginning of the month at a lot of people and situations. Lock up and isolation were eating me alive, more than I wanted to admit.

After several sobbing breakdowns many days in a row, I took time to just pause some things and figure out what I needed. I’m really bad about self care on a regular basis and spending 8 weeks in isolation with minimal contact really gets to a gal.

Making sure I was safe for two weeks, I went to see my family during Memorial Day weekend and I really needed it. My mom and I had some deep conversations about my health, both physical and mental and how I need to focus on what I can control.

I’m feeling better now than I did two weeks ago, but I still got a lot of work to do on myself while the world figures its own shit out. I’m not sure what goals I accomplished this month.


Personal Goals

  • lose some weight
  • actually log into My Fitness Pal
  • go on a walk 2-3 times a week
  • Return my current mattress
  • set up new mattress
  • donate clothes to goodwill when they open back up
  • yoga 3 times a week
  • Finish my movie marathon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (I’m watching them in chronological order)
  • 4 day Memorial Day weekend
  • If Covid is not too bad, possibly go see my parents for Memorial Day.
  • Get a Mother’s Day gift for my mom
  • Get a birthday present for my brother

Work and Money Goals

  • Hit 100% even if they raise the goal
  • Weekend OT at least one weekend
  • Save More Money
  • Continue budget planner

Writing Goals

  • Finish Justice and Lies
  • Work on the Hit List outline
  • Work through the Self-Publishing 101 course
  • Focus on growing my facebook group
  • Also focus on growing my mailing list

Reading Goals

  • Finish The Silent Patient
  • The Winter Sister
  • The Last Time I Lied
  • Stranger in the House – This is a book by Shari Lapena, instead of this one, I ended up reading a different book by her, Someone We Know.

June is here now and I think I did okay with goals. This month has plenty more on my plate, including a lot of different creative projects.


  • Log into weight watchers every day (yes I joined Weight Watchers after my mom and I chatted)
  • get back into yoga
  • Lose weight
  • book a therapy appointment
  • book a dentist appointment
  • Finish my living will
  • sign up for eye insurance (it’s open enrollment time)
  • car inspection
  • car registration (as I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to put those off anymore)


  • Work weekend OT
  • Hit 100% hopefully
  • Save money
  • Pay off part of my bed payment
  • budget planner


  • finish Justice and Lies
  • Hit List outline
  • short story idea
  • grow mailing list


  • Bad Blood
  • Unsub
  • Into the Back Nowhere
  • The Dark Corners of the Night

If there was one habit I’ve done well at, it’s reading. My reading has picked up again in the past few weeks and I’m hoping to keep it up. I’ve purchased a few dozen books from Book of the Month over the years that have been collecting dust so I’m trying to read through all of those this year and many of them are still solid books. This month, however, I’m focusing on a series I first learned about during the 2018 Texas Book Festival!

That and a lot of my own writing projects.

I hope June is a good month for you too!

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