June 2023 Recap

June was a month of a few firsts in my life, or firsts in my adult life. June was also a month of disappointment in some ways, but all of those things led up to what I hope is a good reset for the second half of the year. It’s felt like so many times this year, life has let me get just a little comfortable and then kicks me on my ass again. Well, I just got back up off my butt, so it’s time to make use before life comes back around.

With the end of the corner, it’s time to bid adieu to the goals I had for the quarter and set some new goals. I’ll share those new ones later this week, but today is about the end of June.


GOAL ONE: write and edit Hit List  to publish later this year in 2023 good, better, best: write, edit, and send to beta readers.

There were so many times this quarter that I had “Finish Hit List” on my to-do list for the week. I wanted to finish it before I went on my trip, I wanted to finish it when I was on my trip, I wanted to finish it when I got back, and finally last week, I just called it done and moved on. I’ll write the real ending when I do the second draft later this year.

GOAL TWO: Consistently promote on social media to build up regular sales good, better, best: 5 sales a month, 10, 30.

My sales have been terrible the last two months, but I’m changing up my social media strategy for the rest of the year to focus on TikTok. Even just in a few weeks of it, I’m slowly starting to see some growth. I still have a long way to go to get to 1,000 followers for the link in my bio and the live streams, but we’re making progress.

GOAL THREE: Focus on building a happy and healthy life this doesn’t really have a good, better, best, but I am trying to track some personal things, like what I eat, how much I drink alcohol, when I take my medicine and when I work out.

This was a unique one, because I had the highest highs and the lowest lows in June for this. The second week in June, my boyfriend and I hoped on a plane (my first plane ride in over a decade) to go to Cancun! We went for a wedding of some of our friends, where my boyfriend was a groomsman. Four days of the pool, a lot of alcohol, and more mosquitos to watch two people I care about marry. It was totally worth the anxiety of riding the planes, haha.

Then the day after we got home, my boyfriend got sick with a fever. Two days later, the bride texted me to tell me she had Covid. And by Sunday, both of us were testing positive. I made it the whole official WHO designated pandemic without getting sick, and got sick at a wedding. Thankfully, I had really mild symptoms besides some fatigue, but I’ll be okay not getting covid for a while again.

While June is over, there was one other big project we had – finding a new home. It was time to find something a little bigger, and we signed the lease at the end of June and we’re going to pick up the keys this week. It’ll be the first time in three and a half years of working from home where my office isn’t the living room. I’m excited for the new space. And the new quarter, because it’s the second half of the year.

It’s also the last full quarter in my twenties. Time to make it count.

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