June Goals

June is here, and I’m not going to even waste my breath with how fast May went. May was such a strange month, adjusting to my new job, living in a town I swore I would never live in, having to find some kind of balance, etc.
June Goals
May was a month of learning. At my new job, I’m really good at a lot of the technical stuff (no one else knows how to move through Mailchimp quite like this former Mailchimp user), but some of the finer details are still coming to me. I think June will be a bigger month of transitions for my job, but we’ll see what happens.
I already know that last month sucked as far as goals go, but it’s all about being transparent and owning up to it, right?


-Really get settled in and get a swing for the rhythm. I like actionable items, but since today is my first day, it’s hard to know what exactly I’ll be doing yet. I have an idea, but still have a lot to learn.


-Figure out what the plot of Justice & Lies really is. Because I made 20,000 words and realized it wasn’t working
-edits on Double Played with the editor


-find a routine in which I can blog on the weekends, and not worry during the week
-Evernote mini-course?
-stay consistent with newsletters


-get up early, Laura. You have to now.
-read two books
-find an apartment
-find a roommate
-maybe get a scanner for operation paperless?
-go on walks at least three nights a week

Wow, that was bad. I got nothing done, really.  So, I guess we need to rework this for June, huh?


-Get a handle on one of my clients. I actually help with social media for my company, and for some reason, this has been harder for me than other clients. I have a few ideas why, but I need to get over my mind block and own it.

The Book(S)

-edit Double Played
maybe begin plotting Hit List, which is the fourth book in The Cassie Morgan Series

The Blog

-So, I’m actually merging Ginger & Co. and Ginger & Books. That’ll be my biggest challenge this month, but for Ginger & Co. readers shouldn’t see much difference. It’ll all end up on the other side, but don’t worry, I promise you’ll still the same content here (goals, apps, career advice), but you’ll also see more information about my books
-Evernote mini course!


-get up early. A few mornings last week were close calls.
-start walking at night
-cut out soda
-drink more water on the weekends
-save some money
-first student loan payment

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