June Goals

Five days into June and I feel like I’m still kind of getting my bearings. The other day, I filled out paperwork for my new job, and it’s totally crazy. Lots of changes this summer and especially this month, including my brother’s high school graduation.
june goals
I’m still recovering my blog from the disaster that happened last weekend. It sucks. This week has almost felt like an out-of-body experience, and there’s a lot of changes. So, I don’t know what I even want to do this month, but I know getting this stuff down will help.
So, let’s take a look at May:
-finish my Audience Research & Analysis term paper
-turn in my Advanced Composition Dental Draft

-read my book for my book review
-write my book review
-pack up and go home
-start new internship
-get ahead on blog posts
-build up my mailing list
-Write The Assassin every day
-Work on some other works I have up my sleeve
-start walking more often, i’ve been really bad lately about walking and hitting my goals
-figure out a social media schedule
-100 ounces of water every day
eh, haha, well, I sucked at that last month. I don’t know, lately, I’ve just been in a funk. Moving is always a bit of a doozie and it always seems to take me a while to find a balance between spending time with my family and getting work done.
I wonder what this will be like when I move back home permanently in December. Maybe this summer, I’ll find some better way of balancing.
So, for June (what’s left, anyways):
-work on edits for The Assassin, I’d like to get more than half of this done
-work on a different e-book (that will hopefully be out by the end of the summer)
-Do really well on my internship
-figuring out my darn social media schedule
-keep walking more (this will happen with my job)
-keep up with blogging
-get out of my rut
I’m keeping it light this month as I know I’ll be busy adjusting with my new schedule. Tell me, what do you hope to accomplish this month?

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