June Writing Goals

June Writing Goals on Ginger & Books

Monthly goals are something I do all the time at Ginger & Co. so I thought it would be fun to take this to and put a spin on it here. Let’s talk about some writing goals for the month of June.

I have two main goals:

edits on The Assassin: My editor and I decided that we could work with the manuscript I have and make it something awesome. So, I’m hoping to get some serious edits on it done! I don’t know where I’m going to make the edits, but I’m hoping to make some expansions.

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Find some beta readers: I have one awesome beta reader, but I know that I really ought to have a couple more. My only problem is, where do you find a beta reader? So, I’m going to figure that out next month, and in July, I’ll let you know!

Launch the newsletter: If you’re on the blog, you can sign up over there, but you can sign up for The Ginger’s Book Club right here. I’m really excited to launch it at the end of June! I’ll spend most of June coming up with some great ideas.

Make an exciting announcement about an e-book: I feel like I’ve already said enough, but I’ll be hopefully making some exciting news later in the month about something fun!

Tell me, what do you hope to accomplish in June for writing?

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