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Just a Little Book Update

Now that I’m in the process of merging Ginger & Co. and Ginger & Books, that means I can actually update people on my books. I did a lot on Ginger & Books, but hardly ever here on Ginger & Co. A lot has happened in the past few months on the book front, so I figured I’d give y’all just a little book update.

Just a Little Book Update

It’s been since months since I released The Assassin, and boy have I learned a lot (I’m actually planning to do a free email course on what I’ve learned, I just need to write it). You wanna get real? We’re gonna get real. Most days I don’t sell any books. That’s not because I don’t have a good book, in fact, I’ve had more than an amazing response to the book, it’s just that I’m not really promoting it.

For a few reasons, but that’s not the point of this post. Right now, I’m more focused on writing and editing more books, so I’ll break it down into each book how the process is going. All of these books are in The Cassie Morgan Series. 

Double Played

To put it simply, I got a text message from my editor yesterday that said, “Also, I’m probs gonna start hardcore editing tomorrow.” And yes, that’s a direct quote. So, provided that the story is solid and we’re doing more line edits than story structure, we should be looking at a release date in the next two months or so.

-cue internal freak out-

Justice & Lies

This is book number three, and I just finished the first draft last weekend. Right now, I’m more focused on edits for Double Played, but once that is done, I’ll be turning around to start rewriting Justice & Lies. In the past few years, hands down, this is the messiest first draft I’ve ever done. I skipped around, changed plot details, and didn’t write half of it, but I know what the story is, and I’ll be excited to get back to it later this year.

Originally I was hoping for a November release – November 8th, for the 1-year book birthday of The Assassin, but alas, I don’t think I’ll be ready. And that’s election day, and I work in politics. I do think it can be done by the end of the year, though!

Hit List

Hit List is number four, and it’s in pre-production stage. In order to keep up with my #writechain, I’ve been writing scenes, just to get a feel for the book. I’ve always said that Justice & Lies is a big book in terms of bombshells, but I’m realizing this book packs a pretty heavy punch pretty early on.

And I freaking love it.

Now that I have full-time job, writing has become a much more condensed process. I time myself to get 500 words done in 20 minutes. It’s a minimum effort, but it helps every day. I encourage you, if you’re writing, stick with it every day. Every little bit counts.

If you’re working on a book, how is it coming along? 

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