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You Know You're a PR Major When….

You Know You're a PR MajorYou know you’re a PR Major when you do all these things, right?
1. You Write | Books, blogs, articles, whatever it may be – you love writing. Public Relations is a writing based major and career, so PR people have to love writing to love PR.
2. News, You Know About It | The nature of Public Relations is driven by news. News of a release of a product, news of a war, news of a scandal – whatever it is, nothing happens until there’s news for us to either report or clean up.
3. Speaking of Scandal | The TV show, Scandal, has a lot of exaggerated examples of public relations crises, but that’s the exciting part of PR – the scandals. When it comes to scandals, that’s what the PR people are for – “handling” it.
4. Social Media is a Job | Yep, you read that right. In Public Relations, your public image is everything. PR people work with social media, but to be successful in PR, you need to watch your social media as a student.
5. You’re Probably Already on Linkedin | I was on linkedin my freshman year because it never hurts to start making connections. Linkedin also has job https://ampills.com/ listings and you can follow companies that are on your dream job wish list.
6. Organizing and Productivity Apps are Your Thing | The world of Public Relations is fast paced, so is college. Establishing good productivity and organizing habits will only help you in the long run. Establish these sooner rather than later.
What’s one thing you think “you know you’re an X major when…”?

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