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I’m a sucker for a good road trip and I love seeing new places in the world. Granted, I hate flying (take offs kill me), but I’d suck it up to see a few of my favorite places in the world. After growing up in the suburbs, I love the business of the city, so on my “must visit” places, it doesn’t surprise me that a lot of them are cities. So, if I had an unlimited budget to travel wherever I wanted, here’s a few places I’d go.

Laura Tidbits: Travel1. all the prisons in Texas

Maybe it’s because I live in Huntsville, where the state’s Death Row Chamber is (along with about five other prisons in town, and many more around in the area), but I’ve kind of developed this weird…not obsession, but interest in prison history and the such. I know Texas has a lot of prisons, so I think this would be fun to go find all the state ones.

2. New York

For a long time The Assassin took place in New York City. For a long time, I thought I was going to move up there with a former friend. Now I really don’t want to live there, but I’d love to visit and see all the tourist-y things and go see Wicked on Broadway, or maybe The Phantom of the Opera. 

3. Washington DC

I’ve actually been to Washington DC and I loved it. I’m a political junkie, so what better place to visit than the home of politics? In a different incarnation of The Assassin, Washington DC was home to the story (I just moved it to Dallas). There’s so much history in this town that I’d love to go back.

3. London

One of my first history obsessions in life was that of the Tudors, you know, Henry VIII and his six wives, Bloody Mary, Elizabeth I. All the same family and I was obsessed. I knew everything about them. So, naturally I’d love to visit London and see some of the places they lived, and especially The Tower of London.

4. Australia

For some reason, I picture Australia to be a little like Texas, urban and modern, but still a rough history (Cowboys, y’all). There’s no obsession to wanting to visit, I just want to go see Australia (and listen to people talk in Australian accents all day long).

5. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is so different from the rest of China since it was held by the British for so long and I’d love to just see what it’s like there.
Is there any place you’d love to visit? 

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