Laura's Loves: True Crime Podcasts

Laura’s Loves: True Crime Podcasts

I am an avid lover of podcasts. My day job consists of typing all day, so I can get away with headphones in all day….

I am an avid lover of podcasts. My day job consists of typing all day, so I can get away with headphones in all day. I listen to a lot of different podcasts, mostly either politics related or true crime related. Because I listen to a lot of politics on both sides of the aisle, I’m going to skip what I listen to in that aspect but I want to share some true crime podcasts I’ve been digging lately.

Laura's Loves: True Crime Podcasts

1. Crime junkie

This is one I actually binged through this year. I know they’ve had some plagerism scandals in the past few months, but I believe they’ve addressed those. I love the no-nonsense way they deliver the story, the full body chills and the banter between the two hosts. They’ve been friends for years so there’s a natural give and take through their conversation.

2. Cold

This one is an 18-part series about Susan Powell, and I first heard her story in an episode of Crime Junkie. This one is pretty crazy – a woman disappears one night and her husband’s alibis is that he took their two young sons camping… in the middle of a blizzard. The story here only gets weirder and creepier and I was obsessed with this case back in August and September to the point where I watched all the documentaries I could find, too.

3. Bomber

This isn’t so much true crime but current events. Bomber tells the story of 20 days in March 2018, when home-made bombs were going off across Austin, Texas. This one got to me because I’ve been living in Austin sine 2016 and it’s so fascinating to listen back to what happened and remember what life was like as we all tried to go through our day and not worry about a package at our front door possibly blowing us up.

4. Texas Crime Files

This is a new one that I just listened to yesterday, this season is about the Rodney Reed case, which was supposed to end in his execution tomorrow but has since been put on hold. There are a lot of sketchy details for this story, which is why there’s been such a demand for the execution to be put on hold. I’m sure there will be more to listen to later on, too.

5. Up and Vanished Season One

I haven’t listened to season two, but season one was one of the first big podcasts I got into when I started working at my employer last year. I remember listening to it for hours and got the podcast done in a week. I have to appreciate the way Payne Lindsay brought attention to this case, as who knows what would have happened with the suspects if he hadn’t.

There’s a real desire to listen to true crime not just as a millenial woman who is obsessed, but in part because of my books. The craziest stories you get in life aren’t the ones that we make up, they’re the ones we adapt into our fictional stories. I’m always burning through new podcasts, so if you have a true crime podcast I haven’t listed up here, let me know!

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