Laura's Loves: TV Quarantine

Laura’s Loves: TV Quarantine

As Quarantine drags on longer and longer (my day job doesn’t expect to go back to the office until at least December but I bet it will be longer), I’ve found myself watching a lot more TV this year. It goes back to the escapism and avoiding this world that we live in.

I’ve been keeping track of shows I watch in my planner and I keep adding things to it. I did a little big of a splurge and joined HBO Max. I share Netflix with my family and get Hulu from Spotify, so I don’t pay a lot for streaming services. But I’m kind of hooked on some of the stuff HBO Max has and I keep adding stuff. However in five months, I’ve watched a variety of shows and it’s fun to see what other people watch, so I wanted to break down what I’ve been watching and what’s up next.

Laura's Loves: TV Quarantine


Schitt’s Creek – This was my first binge watch in quarantine and this show is such a gem. The story is a classic with some modern themes, like an LGBTQ+ relationship (those two are so adorable and I’m 100% David in my relationship) and a woman who realizes her relationship isn’t everything. That and this show is funny in a such a sly way.

There will be a time I watch this again. It’s just that good.

Tiger King – Yeah, I watched the entire show in a day. That was nuts and that’s all I have to say about that. Well, if I can say anything else – watch with alcohol. It’ll make it easier.

The Great – This was a show that was super over the top but so much fun. If you love history, this is one to watch. Just keep in mind it’s very over the top and not totally historically accurate. I want a second season cause this one ended on a cliffhanger.

Dead to Me – The show has been on my list for a while and I watched the whole show in a weekend. Dark and funny is my favorite combo and I’m here for this weird friendship these women have developed! Also James Marsden is GOLD in this show. I’m happy there’s a third season but I’m sad it’s over after that.

Since July, I’ve been burning through the 90 Day Fiance series. I finished the OG series and now I’m finishing up the follow up series, Happily Ever After? I tried to watch Before the 90 Days but couldn’t get into it. I’m all caught up on the first two series but I don’t know that I’ll watch any of the other series like Pillow Talk. I might watch those when they’re live but I don’t want to go back and watch them over.

Additionally, I just finished the HBO documentary I’ll Be Gone in the Dark this weekend. A six part series, it goes through the original story of The Golden State Killer and Michelle McNamara’s story as she got in deep on this research. Would highly recommend it to anyone who has read the book and even those who are just interested in how the case broke open.

I have a few other shows I know I’ll be tackling soon, like Defending Jacob, Perry Mason, Mrs. America, and The Crown. The list is ever growing, so tell me what you’re watching and I might add it to my list!

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