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Making Your Writing Schedule

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Right now, I’m slowly going through the e-book “Writember” – which goes with an e-course by the same name. Both are from Faye at Writerology, and right now, I’m going through trying to find a writing schedule.

How to Make Your Writing Schedule

With a full time job, a part-time internship, two blogs, and a book, it’s hard to find time to work on that book. I need a writing schedule. Making a writing schedule is hard, I need a time where I know I will never have anything else to do.

This leaves me with two times of the day, early morning (like 6:30) or later at night, like 10pm. Lately, I’ve been too exhausted to write at 10pm, so this leaves me with early morning to write. This is a problem because I’m not a morning person.

So, as I struggle to find my writing time, here’s a few tips to find your writing time.

1. When are you most creative?

I know I’m most creative around 6-8 at night, but I’m often caught up working on other things. Maybe I need to just dedicate this time, but when I don’t always know my work schedule, it’s hard to dedicate that time.

2. When can you always dedicate that time? Every day?

I talked about this in my intro. I’m free early in the morning and late at night. If you want to successfully dedicate yourself to writing every day, it make sense to find the same time. Every single day. Even the weekends (the idea of waking up that early on a weekend is awful, but if I want to be serious, I need to do it).

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3. Set a time frame.

I like to focus on writing in 30 minute time frames. If I wake up at 6:15 to write, that’ll work. In the morning, I have thyroid medicine I take and I have to wait 30 minutes after to eat. This would be such a perfect time to write, and I really need to start to using that time to do something productive, not sleep more.

4. Set a Word Goal

Right now, my word goal is 500 words, but I’ve been struggling to hit that. If I dedicate just that half hour, I can easily hit that 500 words, I know it. Eventually, I want to up my word count, maybe to 1000 words in a half hour.

If you’re struggling to write every day, setting up some perimeters can really help define what you’re looking for. So, tell me, how do you do your writing schedule?

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