March Goals

March Goals

If February was a person, it would have whooped my ass. Actually it still did and it’s not human. There are four full weeks in February and I’ve been sick with something (whether a stomach bug, a cold, or just terrible allergies) all four of those weeks.

So this month feels like a blur. I pressed on and kept fighting but so far, my idea of a nice quiet place to be creative has not happened yet.

I’d say I probably have three highlights from February – Valentine’s Day, really getting into the outline for Justice and Lies, and tomorrow I finally get my new bed!

March Goals

Besides that, February was a lot of sniffling and Sudafed. My goals definitely show that.

February goals

personal goals

  • lose some weight
  • clean out downloads
  • move to new computer
  • donate clothes and books
  • declutter
  • Last Will document

career and money goals

  • hit 100% to goals – TBD, today’s my last day so we’ll see if I squeak it out or not.
  • last cruise payment
  • income taxes
  • save money

laura teagan

  • 1st draft of Justice and Lies
  • Hit List outline
  • finish website edits
  • launch welcome series
  • 2016 images
  • 2017 images
  • socials every day
  • golden in death
  • total money make over
  • wife after wife

March ought to be interesting as it’s historically been the busiest month at work but traffic and volume has been down this year. So I’m a little axious to see how goals for March are handled because of this. I’ll also focus on getting back to routines that the last few months have lacked – making dinner, going to the gym, writing on a regular basis.

March Goals

personal goals

  • living will
  • update my Power of Attorney
  • finish estate planning
  • donate more clothes
  • log into my fitness pal everyday
  • lose weight
  • go to the gym 10x
  • sell books
  • car registration
  • car inspection

work goals

  • work some weekend OT
  • hit 90% at work
  • save $1000

writing and reading goals

  • Justice and Lies draft
  • 10,000 word day
  • Hit List outline
  • Emily Burnet 3-in-1
  • Total Money Makeover
  • American Royals
  • finish Golden in Death
  • socials every days

March, bring on the warm weather and the productivity!

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