May 2023 Recap

We are here at the end of May and this past month was a lot of wonderful moments in the middle of the lows of the day to day. I’ve been open about how my day job (most authors have day jobs, unfortunately) has made some pretty drastic changes to my role at work. And I am not adapting well to them, I wish I was, but I’m not.

And that does impact my overall being. I want to be good at the jobs I have, whether my day job or my passion job of writing. Since the day job pays the bills more than the writing job does, I still need to be good at it from a financial aspect and a “personal worthiness” aspect.

I love the idea of goals but day to day, lately, I feel like I don’t know that I even keep track of these, so we’ll see how many of these I manage to finish these goals by the end of June.

GOAL 1:  write and edit Hit List  to publish later this year in 2023 good, better, best: write, edit, and send to beta readers.

Update: As I write this update, I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m hoping to do so before this update is published. I hate that this book has taken five months to write, but it is what it is. Can’t change the past.

GOAL 2:  Consistently promote on social media to build up regular sales good, better, best: 5 sales a month, 10, 30.

I’ve seen sales every month this year, even though we’re not up to five sales. There have been years where I went months without selling a book, and that’s partly my fault and partly burn out. I really need a quarter where I go all in on this goal to see how well it goes.

Update: Totally fell apart here in May..

GOAL 3:  Focus on building a happy and healthy life this doesn’t really have a good, better, best, but I am trying to track some personal things, like what I eat, how much I drink alcohol, when I take my medicine and when I work out.

Update: I had a surgery on my head in mid-May to get two cysts removed, so I took my meds and didn’t drink for a good chunk of the month and finally got back into the pool this weekend to swim laps. At least something is going well.

On top of my goals this quarter, I’ve had a lot of traveling, or at least more than usual. Since the last weekend in April, I’ve made two trips to College Station, a trip to San Antonio and one to Taylor, Texas. All are within a two hour drive, but considering four months ago I didn’t even have weekends off to travel, it’s a little crazy to me that my weekends have filled up so fast. Even in June, I have two trips planned plus weekends will be spent house hunting. Life is busy right now, and I’m simply holding on for dear life.

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