May Goals

I’m scratching my head on where to even begin this post. April was on hell of a month, and I mean that in a wonderful, crazy, emotional way. For some reason, I had this feeling that April was going to be the month that I GOT A JOB. And then I moved to Austin (yesterday. Today is the first day of my new job).
May Goals

So, I think it goes without saying that this month will be full of adjustments. I’m living with my grandparents for the time being, so I’ll be looking for an apartment, if not moving, too. But before I start getting ahead of myself, let’s take a moment to breakdown what my goals were in April.


-continue applying for jobs
-follow up with said jobs
-finish portfolio website
-maybe make my first presentation about social media

The Books(s)

-send Double Played to a few beta readers
-do a readthrough of Double Played
-write Justice & Lies for Camp NaNoWriMo — started it, but didn’t finish
-finish synopsis for Justice & Lies
-send Double Played to the editor

The Blog

-build up newsletter
-launch mini-course on Evernote
-start building up back log of posts on the blog
-go through and change image style on popular posts
-add affiliate links to popular posts


-start waking up early. EVERY MORNING
-try to cut out soda
-clean my desk every other day
-get 50% with operation paperless
-lights out by 11:30 everynight
-set more of a schedule for when I do certain tasks

Wow, yeah, um, did I fail or what? I was so busy with job interviews and trying to finish Justice & Lies. 

So, now what? Well…


-Really get settled in and get a swing for the rhythm. I like actionable items, but since today is my first day, it’s hard to know what exactly I’ll be doing yet. I have an idea, but still have a lot to learn.


-Figure out what the plot of Justice & Lies really is. Because I made 20,000 words and realized it wasn’t working
-edits on Double Played with the editor


-find a routine in which I can blog on the weekends, and not worry during the week
-Evernote mini-course?
-stay consistent with newsletters


-get up early, Laura. You have to now.
-read two books
-find an apartment
-find a roommate
-maybe get a scanner for operation paperless?
-go on walks at least three nights a week

I’m trying not to put too much on here just because I have no idea what to expect this month, except it’ll be one crazy ride. What are some of your goals for May? 

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