Meet My Main Character

I’m currently working on my third book in the Cassie Morgan Series. While I’ve been with Cassie for a long time now as a writer, I realize that many people don’t know her unless they’ve read my books. So, I’d like you to meet my main character.
At the beginning of The Assassin, Cassie is a newer FBI agent, following a rogue FBI agent who is suspected of numerous things, like illegal gambling (and yes, that’s a thing the FBI investigates, according to their website).
The main focus of the book is the Assassin, a serial killer from the 1990s who escapes from prison. Cassie is reassigned to the case to help catch him, and because she meets the victim MO of the killer, she becomes his target (which is the whole point of her joining the case). 
Regardless of what happens in the stories, Cassie is a strong woman. She obviously goes through some pretty big things in the first book, having to catch the Assassin while working with the rogue agent from the beginning of the book. 
When I started writing back in eighth grade (nine years ago), I didn’t know any of the “rules” for creating a character. Writing as Cassie was a very cathartic experience, and she was very much like me. 
Now, almost ten years later, both my character and I have grown up, so to say. Over the years as I’ve developed in my writing skills, Cassie has become much more than just a copy of myself. Personality-wise, I believe she’s very much like I am, except I feel like she’s a much bigger version of what I’d like to be. 
Cassie is just the badass I wish I could be.
After The Assassin, we have Double Played. Double Played, the story jumps forward by six months, and Cassie is struggling still with the aftermath of the first book. The time jump was intentional, as I needed time for Cassie to start recovering. While Cassie, by nature, is an over thinker, I think this really shines through in Double Played. It’s also in Double Played that she starts dating. 
I’m currently working on Justice & Lies, which is brings back a lot of events from the first book. It feels a little like a full circle moment, even though I plan to continue the series after. 

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