My Last First Day

My Last First Day
Today is the last “first day of school” for me. I’ve thought about this day for a while now, the excitement that it’s the first day of class, that I’ll see all my friends again. You always want the first day to go well, but there’s something about it being the last one that makes me want to make the best of it all.
Even if I’ll be hobbling all day long. About a week and a half ago, I started feeling some pain in my foot. turns out, I have a hairline fracture and I’m in a boot for the next three weeks.
Unexpected injuries aside, I know this semester will be exciting. I have four classes that are all related to public relations, and I have a great apartment and roommate. Hopefully, I’ll find my job, and release  book.
Today is the beginning of a new chapter. Maybe two new chapters, one ending chapter, of my schooling, one the beginning of the rest of my life. So whether this is a first day, or your last first day, I hope you make it amazing.
I hope you make every day amazing.

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