My Life Since Postponement

It’s been three months since I yanked the brakes on self-publishing and gave it up. If you carry different parts of your life in “bags,” so to say, I dropped the bag of self-publishing for a while, knowing I’d probably come back to it at some point, but I wasn’t sure when.

postponing my book

I still don’t know when the book will be out, but I picked the bag back up in the sense that I’m working on it. After having a heart to heart with my editor, we’re back to the draft that I was working on before. I’m making some changes, I’m sure I’ll go back a few times to fix it up and then my editor will destroy it.

The other night, I started making an outline of a few things I wanted to change. I have no idea if I’ll finish this book this summer (I’m working two internships and hoping to release an e-book), but I’m hoping to have some results and changes by the time I graduate in December.

I feel optimistic. Because of my depression, I’ve wired myself to be optimistic. It’s a default now, and quite frankly, it pisses me off sometimes. Sometimes I just want to be mad as hell. But yet, I’m still somewhat optimistic.

So I’m taking the optimism and using it for my book. Life is hard, but I feel like there’s some beautiful things coming.

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