My Word of the Year

My Word of the Year in 2020

Also known as “One Little Word”, my word of the year is a word designed to be a focus on what I want to guide me throughout the year. It’s big in blogger and planner communities and I’ve gathered different words throughout the last few years.

My Word of the Year

2016 was my first year I did a word of the year – prosperity. A quote from what I wrote in that blog post:

Well I don’t know how much flourishing I’ll have in a financial respect (hello student loan payments), I want to flourish in what I do. Whether that’s a new job, publishing books, or something I don’t even see on my radar right now, I want to prosper in it.

I want to prosper in my faith and religion, especially. I worked for the Catholic Church for two years, and while I absolutely loved it, I’m in a different place now, being back at home. I want a personal revival, in a way.”

In someways, 2016 was the hardest year of my life. After a long grueling search for a job, I found one that brought me here to Austin. The job was hell, the culture was toxic and as soon as the election was over, I was dropped. Granted, there were mistakes I made, and I totally get that. But the culture was so bad, I developed anxiety over simple mistakes like a typo. Overall it was a terrible experience and there wasn’t much prosperity in 2016.

2017- This year, in the midst of no job and no aspects of a job, I had two words of the year: consistency and resilience.

Resilience was something I had. Consistency was not.

In 2018, I didn’t even try a word of the year. These 2016-2018 was just trying to survive whatever life threw at me.

I must have been done with it by 2019 because last year,I had an entire phrase not just a word. I wanted 2019 to be a year that I got shit done, in spite of myself. I had four examples I wanted to accomplish in spite of myself and I made progress on three of them.

2019 was a transformative year for me, in spite of myself. 2019 was a year where I had to rationalize what I thought was important to me (books, blogging, being a total introvert) with what I didn’t know would become important to me (my relationship, going out with friends, realizing that it’s okay to be close to people). With those lessons, I had to give some things up that I thought were important but didn’t ever get time – which made me realize they weren’t so important.

It was a lesson I didn’t realize I needed to learn, but now that I’ve sunk my teeth into this idea, I want to hone in on these things this year and really see what I can do with a clearer focus.

Which is how I got to my word of the year, this one little word: core.

core – the central or more important part of something.

I have four main focuses I want to pay attention to this year as a part of my core. I made a cute little page in my planner and I’m ready to focus this year. This year, if it’s not a core part of me, I don’t want to waste extra time on it. I want to take care of it and be done with it. You’ll see more of me this year – this is a core of mine, more stories.

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