November Goals

November. Hello, November. Aka, my favorite month of the year. Well, one of my favorite two months. I love the time from Thanksgiving to December. Christmas music, Christmas specials, do you get the drift? This year though, my mind isn’t focused on Thanksgiving or Christmas just yet, though.
November Goals
I have a book coming out. In eight days.
In eight days.

In eight days!!

I really try not to think about it, but I can’t help it. After eight years, it’s finally happening.
Okay, okay, that’s not all that’s happening in November. I talked about all the changes in my life lately on Friday, but a lot of these changes are based on my actions, so it’s time to break down some goals.
October was a busy month, but November will be busier. Here’s what I had on my list for last month.
-finish edits with the editor – this will happen in the next week.
-set up the Laura Teagan website
-get ahead on blog schedules
-announce new contributors
-stay on top of classes
-apply for jobs
-maybe begin working on TA2 edits? (also, TA2 has a title now! Double Played). 
-enjoy my time with my family when I see them in College Station
-rock my midterm test
-organize all the files on my computer. It’s kind of crazy how bad it is.
I have a weird habit of getting half my goals done in a month. This past month was no exception. Hopefully, I can break the habit this month? Maybe? Fingers crossed?
Without further ado, November goals.
-NANOWRIMO. I’m working on the second draft of Double Played.
release The Assassin.
continue applying for jobs
-stay updated on hours for Priority One
-get ahead on blog posts
-finish website for Laura Teagan. like, soon.
-stay focused on school. This is the last time I ever have to worry about this.
Yes, this list looks short, but to be honest, it’s a lot of big things. I’m doing a big balancing act, so that’s all I’m going to focus on.
What are your goals this month?

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