OneNote – 5 Reasons You Should Use It

5 reasons to use onenoteHere are five reasons you should consider using OneNote for school, work or your home life:

1. Accessibility is great!

Having access to your notes on any of your devices, wherever and whenever is something anyone can enjoy, whether they are a college student, professional, or parent. It works for everyone!

2. Simplicity is key.

OneNote is so simple to use that you can open it up and start collecting information and notes quickly without any real direction.

3. Organization and layout provides a real life tool in a virtual setting.

OneNote is exactly like a binder we all used in high school and maybe into our college days. That’s what makes it so easy to understand and use. By taking the physical binder and making it accessible on technology, users are able to use an organizational system they know.

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4. To Do lists became so much easier.

We all make lists and we all store information. OneNote gives you a place to keep control of those lists. Have you downloaded an app that promised to help you keep track of your important lists and tasks, but you still didn’t like the layout? OneNote is as easy and writing a list down with pen and paper, and that’s why it works!

5. Security and safety are available for data sensitive information.

Want to store passwords, client information or sensitive documents? OneNote has the ability to password protect certain sections with a password. You can have your data easily available and safe too!

BONUS! OneNote is free and all features are available to anyone! No paying for premium features.

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