OneNote For College Students

In my last post we talked about some basic features of OneNote. I hope you’ve downloaded it and given it a try!
Now let me show you how I use it in college!
Onenote for College Students

I’ll admit that by the time I started using OneNote last semester it was a bit late to really adapt to using it for my note taking (I was also taking mostly handwritten notes when I needed to). This semester I started out using OneNote, and it’s going well! My goal is to keep up with my notes this semester and I feel that OneNote will be the best way to do this! I just love how easy it is to use, especially on my iPad Air 2 which I take to class with me.

So far, I’ve been pretty successful about keeping up with my notes. I don’t have to take notes in all my classes, but the ones I do take notes in have LOTS of notes. My Communication and Geology classes are the ones where I take the most notes. I love OneNote because it is so easy to switch back and forth between my iPad and my Mac.

Here’s how I organize my school notes. I have a School Notebook, and then I have sections for each class. I also earned a great new trick! Right click on they grey area and a menu will pop up.

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Click on New Section Group. This will create a new page. You can name this section group and move tabs into it or create tabs for it. So how can you use section groups? You can use it for everything! In my case I’m using it classes by semester. This way I’m not overwhelmed by too many sections.

Give OneNote a try! I’m sure you’ll be as hooked as I am!

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