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Organize Apps: Evernote

I have an addiction to organizing apps. Well, okay, I have an addiction to organizing in general, but when you have a smart phone and a kick butt computer, it should have awesome organizing skills.
Today, I’m going to talk briefly about evernote because there’s a lot and I’ll break it up into two posts.
Essentially, at the basics, evernote is a note taking app. I originally discovered it for school – taking notes in high school. Now, I use it for notes on my book (along with the book binder), I take notes for blogging and I have multiple notebooks for book ideas that I have.
I think my favorite thing about about evernote is the web clipper. I had to write a critical introduction a few weeks back and I used this to copy and paste articles I wanted to cite in my introduction. I could make notes and highlight and it was awesome. It comes with this awesome extension that I use in my internet browser. I think Evernote did an awesome job with their promo video, so I’m just going to share that with you as the last little tidbit!
I think by far, the web clipper is my biggest tool that I use. Find a blog post that inspires an idea for a blog post of your own? Clip the part that inspired it and you can come back to it.

This is really only the beginning of the great ways you can use Evernote!
Do you use evernote? Do you use anything similar to evernote? 

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