Outside of Writing

Outside of Writing

If you know me, you know I have been writing for a long time. I wrote the first draft of The Assassin when I was in eighth grade. I was thirteen at the time and I’m celebrating my twenty-sixth birthday in November. That’s literally half of my life (almost). While most of what I talk about here is book-related, there are plenty of other things I do in my life besides writing books. I have a few other interests and I’m currently doing a lot of other things in my life, so I wanted to share what I do besides writing.

Outside of Writing

1. I have a weird love for severe weather

Having grown up in tornado alley and still living in Texas to this day, I’ve seen some weird weather in my life. While I never want anyone to die because of severe weather, I love watching the coverage. If you’ve ever had a tornado near you, you’ve probably witnessed your local meteorologists interrupt TV to provide information about the storm. Watching this coverage is a bit of a pass-time for me. Whether the tornadoes are here in Texas, Alabama, or Wisconsin (they had some this past weekend), if I can find coverage, I’ll watch it. Other people binge Netflix shows, I binge tornado coverage.

2. Building Websites

Before I started writing novels or even taking it seriously, I had a love for building websites. In high school, I took a coding class and I wish I would have stuck with it. I still love tinkering with websites, so when you see things change around here, that’s why. Expect another change by the end of the year.

I still love creating dummy websites to design and play and test new things with. It’s a weird creative expression I don’t often get out.

3. I am a planner

I love, love, love writing things down in my planner. I use the Happy Planner, which allows you to add pages and customize your planner. I have a section designed for content and book deadlines and I’m currently working to make plans for the rest of the year to bring more content like this to my website.

4. Country Music is 80% of what I listen to

What else do I listen to? Some pop and R&B and Broadway musicals. But mostly country.

5. Reading is still my favorite thing to do in my free time

I get teased by friends because I’m always suggesting when they’re bored, they should read a book. Most just laugh at me for loving it, but my house is full of books. When it’s time to move, packing up my books is the worst part of the process.

Outside of writing, I do a lot of other things to take up my free time outside of my day job. What are some of your favorite pasttimes?

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